"Viper gonna get'cha.....

release date to be announce


Aint gonna be your handyman...

i aint gonna be your handyman baby

an i aint gonna mend your fence

the way you keep battin' them eyes

it just don't make no sense

you just keep comin' on baby

actin' like theres gonna be more

but when you invite me over sugar

you say can ya fix my door


aint gonna be your chauffeur baby

get tired a drivin' you around

you always got somethin ta do

and it seems ta be way cross town

your voice is so gentle and sweet

and soundin' like ya really care

but if a better ride come along

i bet you'd just leave me there


took some time to re-assess

think i'll stay self employed

everyone ever work for you

has had their lives destroyed

rivers run wild some run deep

murmur the stories they tell

some find joy on this earth

you made mine a living hell


aint gonna be your doctor baby

an diagnose all them ills

ya ruined your life long ago

by swallowin' all them pill's

you lookin' ta me for an excuse

jus' ta get another script

can't take all that acid honey

then say ya never tripped


aint gonna be your lover baby

like the chace ever comes along

every time we get close enough

your tenderness seems long gone

every time i try ta talk ta you

ya twist every word i said

then when night comes along

ya twist me outta your bed


try ta work with with ya got

gotta do the best that ya can

but after an hour spent with you

i feel like a wasted man

heard it told the story it goes

she says her thighs are paved with gold

but after a lifetime a climbin' that road

well all i feel is old


New York city woman

Took a stroll down the avenue

thought I'd go see me a thing or two

had no idea just what i'd find

when I heard sweet music come up from behind

I turned around and it blew my mind..cause was just a woman”

(...ya there I was at the age a 3 hitch hikin' my way up ta new york city after readin an article in newsweek magazine bout some guy who discovered some kinda mind expandin' drug they was callin' LSD so when I got to city I found me some an I...)


I took some acid and then I tripped

just as my grasp of reality slipped

I had this vision goin' make me blind

about this woman I had to find

stirrin up strange ideas in my mind..“ was there a woman

(..well stayin' with them hippies up in the village all we ever did was drugs in the mornin',drugs in the afternoon in fact we'd do drugs jus ta pass out so's we could do more drugs an well after a while we did every drug in new york city an after a whle ya start runnin' out an you know what happens then...)


was getting shakey and needed more

so I grab some cash and went to score

waiting at the corner,you know what for

when I saw this girl come out an alley door

was it the same one I had seen before...or a different woman”

(..oh I don't know ya ever seen that sci-fi channel bout 3 in the mornin' with that guy with the freekish hair stikin' straight out an he's takin' the tops off a heads an stirrin'em up an askin'em ta speak japanesse..well I figured after that i'd do what I know best an so I...)


took all the drugs I could buy

cause i thought it'd be enough to get me high

but all I did was wonder why

I don't give an overdose another try

i might just see this woman when I die what woman

           Bosa Nova...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can't stroll back up the avenue

cause i just rammed up a grahm or two

now i know just what i'll find

when I hear that music come up from behind

it just means thse drugs have blown my mind.....cause there was no woman'


Hitman a fashion


Walkin' by him on the street

he'd never catch your eye

but when he put on that brooks brothers suit

with that hugo boss tie

it's just as sure as winkin'

that some body is about ta die..


He's just tryin' ta make a livin'

strugglin' like all the rest

aint the judge a no one

but some don't pass the test

an if he comes ta kill ya

at least he's really well dressed


Never seems to be outta work

theres always one more hit

and bein' a hit man a fashion

the job seamed a perfect fit

now he's the one they call

cause they know he'll take care of it..


never seemed to matter much

didn't wanted ta know why..

learned that from gerome

as he watched the first one die

ya that was the very same day

he got that suit and tie


and up in chicago

it was one mans time ta go

followed him to a night club

let him watch the show

an then left him there a dyin'

yeah in the 2nd row


then there was that hit

in miami F.L.A.

borrowed money from the mob

then refused to pay

buried the guy in fresh concrete

an now he's there to stay


and once way back east

some woman had a gambelin' debt

had a talk with the husband

in a way they won't forget

said he had ta kill em' both

if she placed another bet


yeah a hit man a fashion

this you certainly can't deny

an if you happen to see him

best be askin yourself why

what kinda trouble ya caused

where a man like you might die


he takes his job very seriously

you can see it in his eye

an when he puts on that brooks brothers suit

with that hugo boss tie

it's as sure as the night going dark

some body gonna die..


Atlantic city bound.....

big hat fat cat, rollin' into town

cheap black suit, got at the lost an found

gonna steal me a car, so I can drive around

take this city, turn it upside down

I aint the king, but I wear his crown

        oh i used ta be


when I go, I aint no square

when I leave a tip, no it' aint whats fair

really need a flush, but only got a pair

aint got a dime, sayin' i'm a millionaire

but i'll play the movie star, whenever i'm there

        i'm actin' like one but i used to be


got me a phone, but no one to call

had everything once, but I lost it all

when you're a looser, how fast you fall

got no place now, for me to stay

but behind that dumpster, up the alley way

       i'm a derilct now but i used ta be


was just a fake, who made a mistake

ya i rolled the dice , for one last take

but i borrowed the dough,and how did i know

that if i didn't pay, that i'd be found

chopped up dead, an six feet underground

       i'm all in pieces now but i used ta be


get my meal's, whenever there's one to steal

nickle in my hand, saying it's a hundred grand

i'll do you're crime , but not you're time

no that aint no truth , an that aint a lie

I tried to cheat'em ,now I know i'm goona die

    i'm all dead now, but i used to be....


a gmblin' man, not one to believe

with cards in my hand and one up my sleeve

i tried to cheat and tried to rob

how was i ta know it was from the mob


Viper gonna get'cha

Sweat was breakin' him into the night

always plays that same ol' tune

lookin' into that crystal ball

sees the end is comin' soon

up out down ta the street

walkin' among the livin' dead

hearin' that voice over an over

searin' the line into his head


them memories never go away

scracthin' at the edge of insane

don't matter it wasn't his fault

but he took the pain just the same

was just a simple road trip

we was tryin' for a little break

stopped ta get our fortune told

turned out ta be our last mistake


         gypsy woman screamed in that frenzied shout

         viper gonna get you.........gonna get you...

        gypsy woman sayin' there aint no doubt

        viper gonna get you.......gonna get you..


wife was shakin' as we left that place

aint no way ta calm her down

so we got a bottle a booze

got drunk in the car outside a town

moonlit night cruisin' some back road

woman n I started feelin' fine

pair a bright lights comin on

forced us off when they crossed the line


we rolled over at least 3 times

was tossed from the car into the brush

wife was thrown into a clearing

I started laughin' was kind of a rush

thats when i heard her she was in some pain

thats when I found I couldn't move

there was nothin' ta do as I watched

the whole sceene seemed so smooth


           viper came out slither thru the grass

           an was gonna attack...gonna attack

            viper took my baby away aint

            never comin back...aint comin back


I heard them gypsy's word ring out

saw it all in that crystal ball

viper came took my woman away

I still hear her desperate call

how could it end here today

still don't think I believe it all

i'd give anything i got

ta get her outta that crystal ball.