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I was thinkin' it was time ta leave.....

there was a blond sittin' at the bar
was lookin' kinda cute
couldn't tell if shes a girl next door
from the house a ill repute
lookin' my way she gave me a smile
sure gonna break my heart
tried ta get it up ta talk to her
but didn't know where ta start

she waved my way an pointed out back
so i followed her to an ol' pontiac
but things change quite dramatically
when theres a knife an its pointin' at me
but before she slice me i was thinkin' it was time ta leave

was unemployed needin' money
went lookin' for a little work
got me a job movin' stuff
but the boss was a real jerk
was on my break an havin' a smoke
takin' me a lil' nap
when that boss starts a screamin'
jus' flingin' a load a crap

from then on he's on me all a the time
makes a man wanna commit a crime
so i figured i'd take him out
but when the time came i had some doubt
but before i kill him i was thinkin' it was time ta leave

stopped at a store for ice cream
it was late at night
tryin' to pick out a flavor
wife said ta get it right
i was just standin' there starin'
when these two come in
lookin the way they was lookin
god knows where they been

but the thing turned into a robbery
fact they were amateurs was very likely
they was pointin' guns at every body
so i picked the strawberry
but before they shoot me i was thinkin' it was time ta leave

decide to take a trip overseas
gonna see me some stuff
got caught up in a revolution
ya,things got a little rough
hold up in our hotel room
all we had was tv
watchin' the news was a bad idea
cause everything we'd see

people had a cause they was killin' for
killin everyone even those next door
before they was done they kill some more
kill for democracy kill for war
but before they kill me i was thinkin' it was time ta leave

took my rocket inta outer space
gonna visit some alien
landed on the third planet
away from the sun
left my spaceship sittin' there
off to find some alien folk
saw an alien smokin alien weed
so i took a toke

my head started spinnin' round an round
mind left my body was not ta be found?
the alien got paranoid an left me there
strange aliens appear from nowhere
but before they zap me i was thinkin' it was time ta leave

theres one thing i found out
in this life thats true
some folk say they believe in god
some say they believe in voodoo
but from what i have seen
aint no difference in the two
we all caged up an running wild
tryin' ta escape from this zoo

this here life the only one we got
you decide you wanna live it or not
if you're soul is found or it wanders lost
what you bet when the dice are tossed
but before you cash your last check you might be thinkin' it was time ta leave


Somethin' was makin' him stop
He was burnt to the max
Just smoked his last cigarette
Already gone thru 4 packs
Up ahead he saw a sign
Slowed ta be turnin' in
What was layin' up ahead
Was nowhere he'd ever been.

Place was dark an lonely lookin'
An set back a pace
An erie feelin' was freezin cold
Yet sweat ran down his face
Wanted to leave as quick as he could
But instead went in the place.

No one appeared ta be there
So he took a look around
Odd things were layin' about
Weren't there ta be found
Jumped at a tap on the back
Snuck up without no sound
A voice came floatin' by
Liftin' him off the ground.

What it was he couldn't quite tell
But he wasn't afraid
He had to come here that was sure
This was the part he played
But he had never imagined
This was the price ta be paid.

The voice told him what to do
An' where it had to be done
Says there's a car waitin' out back
On the seat there's a gun
He closed his eyes to the task
An watched his spirit erode
While the rest of his soul was lost
Left layin' on that road.

When it was done would it be over
He couldn't do it again
That kinda job is an evil one
Just about did him in
Skatin' with fire over the ice
Chances be gettin' thin.

It was done he was on the road
Glad ta be leavin' there
Had ta get it all behind
Next stop was anywhere
One thing he knew for sure
This would be the last
Flashin' back to the day
When the spell'd been cast.

The voice still haunts him to this day
He hears it all the time
When he sittin' alone at night
He replays the crime
Life just seems so senseless now
Not even worth a dime.